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  • Providing IT system administration support to our client and operations
  • Manage systems running applications and database systems including storage, monitoring & backup responsibilities
  • Operate solutions and systems using industry standard tools (Automation, Monitoring, Log analyser).
  • Perform security maintenance on the system in line with the company’s global policies
  • Maintain the CMDB of all IT related items
  • Configure and operate the solution monitoring tools
  • Collaborate with global teams across south America and the world
  • Report on system health and escalate issues if needed
  • Maintain the DRP location and support the SLA enforcement of the solution
  • Manage IT vendor contracts
  • Perform capacity planning, system patching, backups
  • Ensure protection of machines through the use of antivirus, host based IPS and other
  • Review of operational and security logs


  • 5+ Years of system administration experience required.
  • Background in service provision in a production environment such as a data center or customer consulting services.
  • Experience with Operating System Administration, Specifically Enterprise Linux, Windows is a plus.
  • Basic knowledge on DELL/EMC SAN and Networking administrator with provision, implementation and support environments.
  • Experienced system architecture design including resource calculation, high availability, security and administration complexity.
  • Experience with virtualization technology (VMware).
  • LDAP, User and administrator access and administration.
  • Knowledge of ITIL and system administration best practices
  • Red Hat Certification strongly preferred.
  • Basic Knowledge on Splunk Enterprise and Ansible Automation is also a plus.


  • English & other languages

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