Mission :

  • Contribute to the definition, implementation and configuration to our proprietary Open Banking API platform. Analyze, recommend and implement the most appropriate approach to include new Open Banking API standards.
  • Contribute to reviewing the overarching architecture to continuously help increasing the potential horizontal scalability of the entire system 
  • Participate to the implementation of a fullstack DevOps-based environment for continuous integration and continuous delivery, with high automation from unit tests to full deployment.
  • Contribute to the design and implementation of the company’s software support model and directly participate to customer support.
  • Participate to the definition, development and integration of Fintecture’s products and services for client needs.
  • Collaborate very openly with colleagues from all other departments (regulatory, compliance, sales, customer success, operations, etc.) and be part of a culture of continuous improvement, providing very high-quality work required by the extremely high reliability, availability and security of systems we strive to achieve at Fintecture.
  • Be excellent at what you do: provide serious work without taking yourself too seriously.

Desired Profile :

  • The right mindset to work in a growing startup: ownership & accountability, ready to go the extra mile, collaboration, customer focus and support. Able to produce outstanding quality and reliability required for our solutions to work durably in the most challenging contexts.
  • Passionate in new technologies and web services.
  • Good English level and a strong ability to communicate Independent and problem solving.

 Desired Skills :

  • Strong knowledge in basic web languages (html, css, javascript)
  • Strong expertise in RESTful API design and architecture
  • Good knowledge of NodeJS, MySQL or equivalent
  • Experience working in a High Availability context • Proficient in Object Oriented Programming
  • Prior experience in implementing and using OAuth2 services
  • Knowledge of using GIT or similar version control system
  • At ease with Docker containers • DevOps experience ( use and administration )
  •  Automated testing frameworks and mock objects
  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, clean and reliable code

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