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Mission : 

• MOVE : migration of services
• ADD : add a new services, platform, architecture
• CHANGE: architecture evolution or service change
• DELETE : kill services, platform, architecture
Work on the entire IP networks of Bytel engineer
Work with all others services impacted by the deployment: Support Team, Services Exploitation Teams.
Follow Bytel procedure using process and tool (all are in French)

Principals activities :
• Participate to Project Manager committee (weekly) engineer
• Check and Review the architecture document provided be the engineering team (HLD/LLD or spec light, Flow Matrix …)
• Write the method of procedure MOP (CLI, Ansible play book …)
• Review the mop with the Cisco Tech lead first and with the Bytel leader of the Perimeter (BB, ENT, PFS, POP or DC)
• Schedule the change during Business or Non business hours
• Perform the change
• Send the report with status, Log file, Mop, and if needed tasks not complete and to be schedule later
• Troubleshoot with engineering team or final customer of bytel if needed
• Update tools to reflect the changes
• Update weathermap/metrology Tools: Zabbix/Grafana
• Provide others bytel entity (as support team) with all specific procedure used as for example : Node/service Isolation procedure or Service switchover procedure …
• Inform others services (specially Support team) of what was done
Important skills :
• French fluent (read, write, speak) – all docs and tools are in French.
• Technical perimeter : Cisco, Nokia/Alcatel, F5, Fortinet, Juniper, Virtual environment as Nuage, VMWare NSX, Cisco ACI, Cisco SDA
◦ The team should be able to work on all platform
◦ So the sourcing of resource is important as the resources should be complementary to cover all techno/plaform
• Scripting or Ansible knowledge
• Metrology : Zabbix, Grafana
• Able to write a MOP and others needed procedure as Switchover Procedure …
• Able to present the solution they deployed to others Bytel entities.

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